3 Days In…


So far my internship has been intense but a good experience. Making myself indispensable to anyone who might need help has been my goal and it appears as though it’s working. I feel like I have a good standing with the assistant engineers, Chris and Rich. Zach, the studio manager/ head engineer says that I’ve been doing really good work! I’m glad my hard work is being noticed.

I don’t think my shins have ever been more sore in my life. Since half of my work is doing runs to get food, boxes or anything else, I’ve been walking more than I’ve ever had to in my life. The rest of my work in the studio is fairly hands on.

The tech, Joe, had me busy today assembling metal framing for the meterbridge being built for the restoration of the API console to go in Studio A. Sometimes I’ll clean circuit boards too. Part of the deal in buying the API was buying the rest of the outboard gear in the Record Plant’s remote recording truck. Downtown doesn’t have need or room for a lot of the gear so they are selling it on Craigslist and gearsluts. Zach showed me the signal flow for the monitoring system in Studio B and not 10 minutes later he had me audition speakers for someone looking to buy the S3A monitors. He literally showed me once! I’m and I was able to make it work.

It’s been long days but I think it’s paying off. Hopefully I’ll be able to get home before midnight and get some food rest for tomorrow!

Enclosed is a picture of the Studio B control room.


One comment

  1. bill robinson

    Very glad to here things are going well! keep up the good work!!! you know what hard works pays!!!!! I really enjoy readind your updates, keep them coming…..love you tons Dad

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