Update and Day Off

Today was my day off from the internship at Downtown Recording Studios and thank god for that. As much as I love the studio and getting to be apart of the environment there I’m still getting used to the city. I needed a full day away from the studio so that at the very least the blisters on my foot could heal and I could sleep for more than four hours.

Now yesterday my parents said I should do something cool with my day off and they even offered to pay for any for something. And I said, Great! Cool! I should experience the city when I can instead of being stuck inside or doing runs for clients. Of course when I woke up this morning my back and neck were twisted as if I spent all night wrestling a mechanical taffy kneading machine. Needless to say I got a late start this morning. After a hot shower and some ibuprofen I was on my way out the door. No big plans, just wanted to grab some lunch and relax out in central park. Things were going fine until my train comes above ground for a few minutes and my mother in convinced over text message that my back and neck stiffness is meningitis.

Moving on from that I came above ground out side the Museum of Natural History. I walked by familiar steps where my scout troop and I ate bagged lunched four or five years ago.

Museum of Natural History

Made a stop at the Shake Shack which was a great decision considering burgers my favorite food and theirs are made to order with fresh stuff, always a good time. So, greasy bag in hand I wandered into the park and short came upon the lake where I could see people rowing boats and turtles and stuff like that. But from my vantage point I saw the perfect spot to post up and have my lunch. Turns out my assumptions about that spot were right on the money.

New Favorite Place

I had no idea how pristine and isolated the park felt from the inside. I remember walking through it once n the mentioned scouting trip years ago, but we never really sat or stayed long. From where I sat the loudest sounds were the birds chirping and the wind in the trees. Refreshing sounds that reminded me of home and some of my other favorite places. The only reminders of my centralized Manhattan location were the sound of the occasional jet flying over and the line of building just beyond the boarder of trees. Another notable trait of the park is what it does to it’s visitors. Everyone there had no one to be, they were all walking slowly and talking with each other. Couples lying out in the sun. A fresh escape from the constant hurry in downtown Manhattan.

I stayed in this spot for a while and then wondered throughout the park where I saw the following:


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