Catching Up Part I: Annie Visits

This is my attempt at bring this blog up to speed. Ive always been bad at keeping something like this up to date. I get lazy or I procrastinate and sometimes I’m just plain busy. So Part one documents Annie’s weekend visit.

June 30th marked the completion of my 4th week in New York City and interning in a Manhattan recording studio. Pretty exciting stuff! I’ve been working hard and long and mostly just trying to stay afloat in the city and experience as much as I can for the short time that I’m here.

June 30th was also the date of The Crest Hardware Art Show at the Crest Hardware store in Brooklyn, NY. My girlfriend’s father, Peter Leue, is a sculptor and had a few of his pieces on display for the show. A few of his pieces include a 7 foot plus tall maxiature of a screwdriver to scale and a 6 foot tall drawing compass. Among the other art were things made of or based on hardware tools and parts. Over in the lighting section there was a lamp made of metal plumbing and the faucet near the light fixture turned a switch and turned on the lamp. There were all sorts of other things too. Outside in the garden center were iron sculptures, bird houses and what not. There were serving beer, hamburgers and hotdogs, bands played at what they called “Crest Fest” cool beans.











Anyway we departed from there sometime in the middle of the afternoon and headed to Windsor Terrace to show Annie where I had been staying for a month and to get some burritos. And burritos we got! At this point I was nearly starving so we grabbed the ‘ritos and ate them on the train to downtown Brooklyn. We wanted to see the movie Moorise Kingdom and we wanted to see it in a theater that didn’t have the reviews of the one right down the street from me. They were so bad we weren’t frightened into the trip. Which turned out to be way worth it. Most comfortable seats Ive sat in a movie. Full seat, headrest. They looked new. It was baller.

From the movies we wandered towards home on foot looking for a quite place to grab a snack and some drinks. We were successful but I will never get used to the prices of alcohol at restaurants and bars around here.

The next day I was surprised we were able to get some much stuff in! We got some breakfast and walked through prospect park. Got some fro-yo and went to central park. I got the chance to show Annie my favorite spot in central park.

Grabbed some brinner at a diner in park slope and went to Coney Island to do some rides and walk to boardwalk. Overall it was an awesome weekend but it ended too soon.


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