Catching Up Part II: The Robinsons Come to Town

The week after Annie came to visit my family came down to New York for a visit on the weekend of Friday the 13th. About a week before that new york had been getting hot. Like 100 degrees everyday hot. Now if I haven’t mentioned it before my room doesn’t have any windows. Even though there’s a ceiling fan it just cycles the same air around all night acting more as a big wooden spoon in a vat of soup rather than a fan to blow cool air on me.

There is one air conditioner for the common area of the apartment but its not nearly big enough to refresh all the air in the whole apartment. Its old and sad and keeps the rooms at maybe 80-85 degrees running at max power 24 hours a day.

Point being when my parents offered for me to stay in their hotel room for a night I couldn’t say no! I packed a bag and met them as they came into town on the megabus.
We had a good time exploring New York together doing touristy things I never would have done on my own. One of the first things we did was go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Now it became very clear that my dad and sister were just tagging along for this part of the trip and I understand where they were coming from if they weren’t “all for the whole museum thing”. There were definitely places in the museum that were not for me but that wasn’t the point. Some of my interest in being there was my openness to do something new and cultured and the rest was taking in something new and genuinely inspiring.

Something else that was new and inspiring was seeing a Broadway show for the first time. My family and I got some discount tickets and went to see Jersey Boys. I had no idea what to expect when it came to Broadway shows. If anything I went in with not a great attitude. The idea of a musical about some guys from jersey singing 4 part harmony was not sounding too great to me. Partially because of an open mind and my low expectations I was completely blown away. Great story, great music, great performances from everyone in the show. I even had respect for the actors pantomiming a guitar because that was the best faking I’ve ever seen and television has shown me plenty of bad faking!

My family and I also went to the 9/11 memorial on the site of the original world trade center. The memorial is just as inspiring as the original buildings were and the new Freedom tower is. Truly a site that needs to be seen to be understood.


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