Spending Time at The Bunker

When I started interning at Downtown Music Studios we were completely booked with clients in both rooms. But as the summer went on the dreaded summer slump happened. Bookings because scarce an clients came on nearly a day of basis. This made knowing when to go in or not a big game of “I’ll text you in the morning”, leaving me waiting with baited breathe to hear whether I was going into manhattan or not.

Not too long after this happened I decided I had spent too many wasted days sitting around surfing the Internet or trying to explore new parts of New York. I follow a website called Sonic Scoop where they have news and articles on the recording scene in NYC. I saw an article a while back for a studio in Williamsburg Brooklyn called The Bunker. It seemed like a cool place and so I gave them an email reaching out asking if they could use me as an intern. Now that’s where I spend my Fridays and Saturdays! The studio is run by co-owners Aaron Nevezie and John Davis. The studio has clients almost everyday in both their A and B rooms with quality gear that is up to speed with any typical commercial recording studio and the live rooms in studio A sound crisp and clean with good isolation.

Aaron, John and all of the clients are real, genuinely nice people who are passionate about their music and so far my time spent at The Bunker has given me faith in being a creative recording engineer in New York City.

The Bunker Studio

Sonic Scoop’s article on The Bunker’s new space.


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