Last Day at The Bunker

The summer in New York is quickly coming to a close. Among the things I will miss most is my time spent interning at The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn. At the start of the summer I had never heard of the studio but I’m thankful I learned and got to meet Aaron, John and the rest of the staff and artists that came into the Studio.

I find that one of the hardest things about trying to make it as a recording engineer is convincing your family its a good idea to spend all summer working somewhere and making no money, and going into the summer I was having a hard time justifying it to myself as well. I kept saying “this is the next step, this is what I need to do”. If this were two and a half months ago I’d still be saying that, but now I know what I came for. Not everything I learned over the summer can  be quantified like getting my hands on new gear, I can’t always put into words. But watching and being around the experience has certainly made me a better engineer and have a better sense of how to change the way I work.

I fell like I made some really good impressions at The Bunker. On my last day I got to put on my “big boy pants” and  run Pro Tools for Aaron on a Danny Katz overdub session. I was rusty with some of my shortcuts but I remembered some more obscure ones as I went on. Aaron caught on with that and seemed pleased that he gave me the opportunity. As stressful as it may have been with the “don’t eff up” mind set everything turned out fine. Although, I may never get used to a trackball mouse. I was fumbling around with that thing like I never used pro tools before.

Anyway, my plan is to keep in good contact with these guys and hopefully I’ll get the chance to work with them again. (Leaving NY with contacts, A+) In the mean time I have three more days to finish up at Downtown Music Studios and then I’m home for a week before school starts back up. I plan on taking everything I’ve learned into Studio A at SUNY Fredonia this year and cranking it up to the next level. It’s going to be a great year full of recording. I’ll keep all of my projects updated here as I’ve updated on summer adventures in NY.

Aaron and me in Studio B at The Bunker Studios

Me and some keys. Running tape in Studio A


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